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We at Katy Pool Cleaners would like to thank you for stopping by our corner of the internet in search of your pool service needs. We can assure you that you have made a wise choice in clicking the link to this location, inside you will find all the exceptional ways in which we can bring you the best possible pool service in Katy. With a wealth of experience behind everything we do, we are wholly dedicated to bringing you the cleanest, clearest, and most enjoyable swimming area in the city. Make the call to Katy Pool Cleaners today and make your pool the envy of the neighborhood.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

For all your automatic pool cleaner service matters, Katy Pool Cleaners is the right company for your needs. With a wealth of experience with each variety of these handy tools for your pool, we bring you an industry leading source of repair and replacement. From suction to pressure and all forms in between, you can bet that our technicians know how to get the most out of these helpful and practical pool additions.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Our livelihood is pools, and we take great pleasure in knowing the ins and outs of ever pool we come across. And for your pool cleaning and maintenance needs, you will be hard pressed to find a company in Katy as experienced and professional as we are when it comes to delivering this service to the great residents of our home. We strive to bring you the cleanest, safest and most efficient pools in the city, and our work speaks for itself after just one visit. 

Filter Cleaning and Maintenance

The heartbeat of your pool system is your filters, and without them working to full capacity your pool will never get to the crystal clear levels you wish them to. With our professional service you can be sure that we will bring you the absolutely cleanest filters running at their highest efficiency for as long as our eyes are upon it. We understand the vitality of your filtration system and treat it with the respect it calls for. 

Pool Repair

If you face any disrepair issues with your pool, then Katy Pool Cleaners is the source of your solutions. Form tears and cracks, to façade damage and more. Our experienced technicians have the experience you need to get your pool back into tip top shape and operating once more like the day you first had it installed. 

Leak Detection

Finding a leak in your pool can be a harrowing experience, not knowing where it’s coming from or how detrimental to your pool it can be. Put your trust in the experience of a Katy Pool Cleaners technician, we have years of experience in dealing with pool leaks, and can quickly locate, asses, and repair any leaks you face in a timely and efficient manner. 

Pool Heater Installation and Repair

Pool heaters are a great way to extend your pool season, and having a professional service handling the installation and repair will assure you that your system will be continually working to it’s full potential. We have the means and methods to bring this practical addition to your pool and have you enjoying your warmer swim water in no time. 

Pool Remodeling

If you decide that it’s time for a chance, then Katy Pool Cleaners has the right tools and materials for the job. Whether replacing wrap and vinyl, adding deck space, or adding aesthetic attractions like pool lights, we have the experience and service quality to back up choosing our company for your needs. Give yourself an all new pool with a few simple remodels from Katy Pool Cleaners. 

Salt Systems

Salt systems in your pools are fantastic for those who suffer eye and skin irritation from normal chlorine pools, as salt systems use no chlorine. With softer feeling water, and beautiful inviting appeal, you can be sure that installing a salt water system will make a noticeable difference to your pool. Enjoy being on the cutting edge of pool system advancements with a salt water system installed by Katy Pool Cleaners.  

Basic Tips of Pool Ownership

Though we endeavor to bring you the best and most comprehensive pool service in the area, we are aware that there are many small things that can be done to avoid needing to call a professional company to assist you, which is why we gathered some of the most useful tips we can pass on to our customers, and placed them on their own page which you can find at the top of the page. We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible swimming areas in the city, and by passing along some of this information to you, we can save you time, and money in the long run, which is great for everyone involved.

If you are new to the Katy Texas area, visit our city’s website – City of Katy

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